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Such an articulated and important sport event as ours could never be achieved without the active participation of citizens: for this reason, the Generali Milan Marathon team relies heavily on the enthusiasm and the desire to participate of young people, students and anyone who feel proud to contribute, with its commitment, to an event that aims to enhance the reputation and image of the city of Milan on the international scene.

Race Bag Deposit

The volunteers in this area will have the task of collecting, looking after and giving back the race bags with the clothes that the runners will give before the start and will collect at the end of the marathon. The volunteers assigned will have to check that every race bag has its race bibs.

marathon village

With 37.000 visitors estimated, the Marathon Village is the point of reference for all the runners and their companions. The volunteers in this area will have to provide to the runners the race bags, including the official t-shirt and other gadgets, and they will have to ensure a good and safe stay inside the village.

Refreshment and Sponge Points

Along the route at regular intervals areas for refreshment and sponge for all athletes will be set up. For the runners the refreshment points are fundamental for a good race. For this reason the refreshment areas will have to be always fully operative. The volunteers in those areas will have to handle the preparation, the restock, the dismantling and the cleanings.

Start – Finish Line

Just before the start, the volunteers in this area will have to ensure its safety, to help the runners to reach the correct position In the starting grid, recognizable by the color of the race bib, and to incite them until the starting shot. After the finish line, the volunteers will have to give the participation medal to the marathon runners and guide them to the refreshment areas and to the race bag deposit.

Meeting Village

On the race day a Meeting Village will be prepared. It is a space where over 100 Onlus of the Charity Program will have the opportunity to show their projects and collect offers. The volunteers will have the task of guiding the presents and ensure the safety of the area.

If you speak Italian and would like to join our team, fill in this form or send an email to info@milanomarathon.it. Please specify in the object “Volunteer” or call us at 02.62827562