Lenovo Relay Marathon

The race of solidarity

Given the impossibility, due to the continuing health emergency, of being able to obtain from the local authorities a derogation that allows the conduct of a non-competitive race, the Lenovo Relay Marathon will take place only in ANYWHERE mode and NOT in PHYSICAL PRESENCE in  Milan. All enrolled teams will be able to confirm their support and donations to ONPs by running in a free and decentralized form, with the Run Anywhere formula.

The teams will THEREFORE NOT have to show up at the starting line in Piazza del Cannone, on the morning of May 16, but they will be able to carry out the race, in compliance with current regulations, wherever they are, tracing their route with a GPS device, watch or smartphone, or with their favorite app, according to the indications provided, then uploading it on the portal. All members will be entitled to receive the race kit provided during registration.

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The 2021 route


4 peoples
(also mixed male and female)

lenght of the legs

Leg 1,2,3,4: 10,0 km

maximum time