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Like every year the not marathon runners, who want to play an active role in a big sport event, can join the event through the Rigamonti Relay Marathon: the relay is open to the team composed by 4 members and each member will have to run the race in homogeneous fractions.

The Rigamonti Relay Marathon is strictly linked to the Charity Program, the fundraising project which allows all the runners to run for a non-profit organization of their choice, contributing to the fundraising allocated for the single supportive projects.

Discover the route, the length of the different fractions and the fixed point of change to organize better the relay with your teammates.

The Route 2020


4 people, also mixed
males and females

Length of relay legs

Leg 1: 12,3 km   Leg 2: 9,1 km   Leg 3: 6,8 km   Leg 4: 14,0 km


5h 45′

Sign up

Also in 2020 the registration will be possible exclusively through one of the NonProfit Organizations enrolled in the Milano Marathon Charity Program. The fee is established freely by each Charity: it is not a simple entry fee, in fact, but a real donation in favor of one of the many projects that you can choose to support.



Practical info



Can I partecipate in the Rigamonti Relay Marathon?

To participate in the Rigamonti Relay Marathon you must be at least 16 years old on April 5, 2020 and submit a medical certificate for non competitive sport activity (or higher: for example, a certificate that allows you to take part in competitive sport events). If you are not able to submit such a certificate, you will have to submit a signed declaration of possession of medical certification (click here to download it).

Please remember that the enrollment in the Relay Marathon is for the team (4 runners), not on an individual basis. Find three friends who want to run with you, and then sign up!

Is it mandatory to choose a NPO to participate in the relay marathon?

Yes, the relay marathon subscription is possible only through one of the No-profit Organizations linked to the Milano Marathon Charity Program.

The objectives of the relay are quote simple:
1) have fun with some friends
2) raise funds to support important charity projects

How much does it costs?

The registration fee is freely established by each of the non-profit organizations. Remember that this is not a simple entry fee, but a real donation to a charity project among many that you can choose to support.


What are the steps to do to sign up?

1. Select the project which is dear to your team. Inside the box with the description of the activity of the Charity you will find the button to perform the pre-registration.

2. Pre-register the team: fill all fields of the online registration form.

3. The chosen ONP will contact you to explain terms & conditions and to finalize the registration. Payment will be made directly to the NPO.

May we register and pay on site?

No, registration and payment must be carried out as specified.

May we register even if we haven’t got the medical certification yet?

Yes, medical certificates or signed declarations of possession (click here to download the form) must be submitted directly at the bib pick-up desk.

How can we check if the registration was successful?

The online registration website automatically sends a confirmation e-mail to each member of the team whenever a Charity validates the team registration. Further practical information will be sent to the participants a few days before the race.


When and how we have to communicate the order of the runners?

The order of the runners can be changed up to the day before the race, following the instructions included in the registration confirmation email.


How to replace a team member

The order of the runners can be changed up to the day before the race, following the instructions included in the registration confirmation email.

The relay confirmation letter

A few days before the race, all the 4 team members will receive an e-mail valid as official “letter of confirmation”.

This email will contain all the basic instructions for the bib number pick-up and race participation. You do not need to print a hard copy of the email itself; you can bring it on a device like a smartphone or tablet.

Bib numbers pick-up? At the Marathon Village!

A team representative will be able to pick up the bib numbers (and the goody bags) at the Marathon Village.

What documents do we need to pick up the bib numbers?

To pick up the bib numbers, the team representative must submit the following documents:

  • his valid ID
  • the confirmation email (on a smartphone or tablet)
  • medical certificates or declarations of possession (click here to download the formfor all 4 members of the team

The bib numbers and goody bags can be collected by a third person, who must submit a specific authorization form signed by one of the team members, a valid ID card, and the medical certificates or declarations of possession for all 4 runners.


Getting to your starting point

First leg: Corso Venezia

  • SAN BABILA / PORTA VENEZIA stops on line M1 (red) or MONTENAPOLEONE / TURATI / REPUBBLICA stops on line M3 (yellow)
  • The relay village is located inside the “Indro Montanelli” Gardens

Second leg: from Via XX Settembre to Via Giotto (left-hand side of the road)

  • PAGANO stop on line M1 (red)
  • The relay village is located inside the parcking of the Pagano stop on line M1 (red).

Third leg: Viale Caprilli (left-hand side of the road)

  • LOTTO FIERA stop on line M1 (red) or LOTTO stop on line M5 (purple)
  • The relay village is located in Piazzale Lotto.

Fourth leg: Via Benedetto Croce (left-hand side of the road)

  • URUGUAY stop on line M1 (red)
  • The relay village is located in the parking lot of the Bonola mall.

We recommend reaching your starting point at least one hour before the scheduled time of arrival of the companion who runs before you. You definitely don’t want to try to reach your point of departure by other means than by subway. If you want to do a little bit of warm-up, you can move around on foot.

Safety procedures

In compliance with the provisions of the official communicate by the Ministry of the Interior NR. 555/0P/0001991/2017/1 (so-called “Circolare Gabrielli”) special safety procedures will be implemented. In particular, for the runners of the first leg:

  • every marathon runner will have to choose, together with the collection of the bib number, the gate (between the 5 available) through which to access the Montanelli Gardens, where the start/finish technical is located;
  • access to the Montanelli Gardens will have to take place through the gate selected from 8:30 am onwards;
  • the marathon runners must show their bib number to access;
  • the organization does not guarantee access to the starting sectors in time for the athletes who will present themselves at the gate after 9:00 am;
  • it will not be allowed to bring inside the Montanelli Gardens any container (bag, backpack, etc.) other than the transparent bag provided by the organization (and marked with the appropriate label with your bib number), inside of which the single articles must be inserted in bulk, to allow an accurate and fast control by the security personnel.

Deposit of personal bags

You have two possibilities:

A) Bring the bag to the deposit at the point where you’ll finish your leg, then go to the start point of the leg that you have to run. It’s possible to deliver the bag on Saturday as well (from 3pm to 7pm).

B) Give the bag to the teammate that will run the relay leg following yours (or to the first runner if you’re going to run the fourth and last leg). The teammate will deliver your bag to the deposit on your behalf. In any case, you will have to use the blue bag provided by the organization, marking it with the appropriate label that shows your race number.

On Sunday, the bag deposits’ hours are as follows:

  • 1st change point: 7:45am – 12:00pm
  • 2nd change point: 8:30am – 1:30pm
  • 3rd change point: 9:15am – 2:45pm
  • Arrival: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Start of the first leg

From 9:30 it will be possible to enter the starting area. Unlike the marathon, where athletes are divided into several start “corrals” depending on their best time, for the Relay Marathon there will be a single starting sector.

Those who want to start in front of the pack have to be near the entry gate of the “start lane” at the time indicated above.

The start of the Relay Marathon will be given at 9:45. The relay runners will start using the left gate of the portal only.

Start of the following legs

The runners of the second, third and fourth leg will have to position themselves in the sector of the transition area corresponding to the number of their relay. Each sector (about 30 meters long) is restricted to 100 relay teams, and is indicated by special numbered poles. The number of the relay is indicated on your bib, followed by a letter that indicates the leg (A, B, C and D). The teammate running before you will hand you the baton (which is a kind of bracelet with timing chip) and at that point you can start to run your own leg.

Refreshment stations

For all participants in the Relay Marathon 2020 there will be a final refreshment bag to be delivered at the end of each leg, inside the “changeover village”.

In case of need the participants can use the refreshment stations planned for the marathon, positioned every 5 km along the way.

Sponging stations

Normally sponging stations are not provided for the relay runners. However, in case of particularly warm weather, runners will find sponges at the entrance of the start lane (first leg) or in the villages of transition areas (following legs). Take just one sponge and bring it with you because you will not find other sponges along the way.


The timing will be performed through the chip attached to the bracelet that will be passed from each runner to the other. The total time of each team will be recorded both as a “gun time” (from the gunshot at the start until the finish line is crossed) and as a “net time” (from the moment the first runner crosses the start line until the finish line is crossed).

Timing mats will be located both at the entry and at the exit of each change area. Individual times will be calculated on an identical distance for all the runners that run the same leg, regardless of the actual location where the passing of the “baton” will take place.

Please remember that, if the timing chip is not returned, your team will be forced to pay 25 Euros as damage compensation.

Medical service

An adequate medical assistance service will be guaranteed along the route, with fixed positions and vehicles following the race, with the coordination of I-HELP by BSO.


Arrival – First, second and third leg

Once handed over the baton to your teammate you can take advantage of the refreshment station (we will hand you a bag already prepared), you can pick-up your personal bag and use the changing rooms.

At this point, you can take the subway and reach the area of Giardini Montanelli. We recommend the PORTA VENEZIA stop (red line M1). Once you arrive you can wait for your teammates to celebrate all together!

Arrival – Fourth leg

As soon as you pass the finish line you will be lined up in a corridor where: you will be given the 4 medals (for you and your teammates) and your “bracelet” with the timing chip will be removed. Continuing on, you’ll find the refreshment station, where you will be given a bag already prepared. Continuing along the corridor protected by fences, you’ll reach the changing rooms and bags deposit. You can then join your teammates and deliver their well deserved medals!

Group arrivals

The relay marathon is a great collective celebration, and it’s great to cross the finish line together with your teammates and with the people from the Charity that you have chosen to support. In order to facilitate these initiatives, the relay’s course will be separated from the marathon’s course in the last kilometer. The relay marathon finish will be under a dedicated gate!

Further information will be published here as soon as possible.

Where can we find the results?

Rankings will be available in real time on www.tds-live.com website. A direct link to the page rankings will be published on the homepage of www.milanomarathon.it.

From the rankings page you will be able to download the finisher’s certificate in PDF format.