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MyMarathon is the training program invented by RCS Sport/RCS Active Team and Julia Jones – writer, coach, life explorer – and coordinated by her, thought for and dedicated to women who want to run the Generali Milano Marathon. This program is unique and is based on original training techniques. Last year, all the participants of MyMarathon who have accomplished the training plan have crossed the finish line of the Generali Milano Marathon.

If you have already registered for the Generali Milano Marathon, but you are also interested in MyMarathon write an e-mail to and we will explain how you can join the program!


Trainings will officially start on 1st January 2019 but, for those who register now, we will provide a warm-up training plan to be accomplished during Christmas’ Holidays.
Registrations are open till 13th January 2019.


MyMarathon trainings are handled through an APP that allows to be indipendent anywhere you are as far as the trainings are concerned, despite having a trainer available remotely.  At your disposal there is also a Facebook page through which Julia Jones can answer to questions, the participants can interact and on which they will find a new tutorial about the exercises every week.


Meetings with “Special Speakers” on running and marathon issues will be organised in Milan.
These meetings will be formative but above all motivational in order to help the participants to run and complete the Generali Milano Marathon.

Who is

Julia Jones

Writer, trainer and nature lover. Since 1998 she has helped thousands of people to take their chance and achieve their dream to run just a few kilometers or a marathon. She has run 33 marathons, uncountable triathlons of every distance and three Half Ironman. From 1995 she has a monthly column of the magazine Correre. She has written many articles for Running Times, Runner’s World Online (USA), La Gazzetta dello Sport, Donna Moderna, Glamour, Cosmopolitan. She has written the book “Correre al femminile” to inspire women to launch themselves and stay active. She has invented “Il Corso di Corsa”, lthe original training program for running beginners….and many other things….

digital trainings


Thanks to an agreement with the new app Runnin’City, which allows you to run from one touristic attraction to the next in more than 150 cities and get info about them, you won’t need to spend hours planning your route or spend any money on tourist guides of Milan.

You will be able to have your run in Milan and in the meantime take a look at its beauties, being able to choose between three routes for Milan: Walking around City LifeA little bit of greenCultural Route – all extracted from the Generali Milano Marathon route.


A unique, innovative and free smartphone app, Runnin’City guides runners through their chosen city, from their current location to the closest point of the Smart Run (a pedestrian route that passes by the city’s main Points Of Interest). The app provides the user with all the usual useful information, such as average speed, total distance and calories burnt, but the focus is on the enjoyment of the Smart Run. Users can forget any of the normal struggles of running, being distracted instead by the pleasure of exploration and discovery.